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Yes it’s true I have thrown some dirt around at some of the mess the weird and wacky has produced on the fringe of our Christian Experience. However, I don’t want to be negative all the time. I do want to be positive. The Lord hasn’t got his house full yet!

He has one Son and He loved Him so much He wanted a bigger family. So God adopted many, many more children. People have been praying and prophecying a revival for many years in South Wales. Even now, we are pushing for one … how do we achieve it?

More importantly, how do we sustain it?

Yes, OK, it’s not us that does it it is God, but as Spurgeon once said “Pray as if it’s all up to God and work as if it’s all up to you.”


I don’t have any answers here. What do you think we should be doing in order to get where we want to be … in the Middle of a Revival. Indeed, what exactly does a genuine Revival look like? We have seen things in the last few years that have been advertised as such but have not been universally praised. In fact, they have tended to disappear without trace or collapse in scandal.

What happens in a genuine revival?

Let’s get some answers and maybe work through them.