Peter Wagner

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C. Peter Wagner has been called the “Pope” of the New Apostolic Reformation.

Is he leading thousands of Christians away from the Jesus of the Bible?

Is he replacing the Bible with his own apostolic decrees?

Is this another stage in the “great falling away” that Jesus Himself promised would happen before the end?


The Latter Rain heresy was denounced by the American Assemblies of God back in the 1950’s when the anti-trinitarian William Branham was the undisputed leader of the movement. Amongst his disciples there was one very prominent young leader … Paul Cain. More about him in a moment.


Peter Wagner is well known among the Charismatic fringe in the United States, with friends among the Vineyard Movement, Toronto Blessing, Pensecola/Brownsville Outpouring and he even drew Todd Bentley into apostolic alignment in a public ceremony with Masonic overtones just days before Todd’s very public fall from grace over public drunkenness and adultery with an intern, Jessa.

But, never mind, Todd had a quicky divorce from the mother of his children and then had a quicky remarriage with Jessa.

So … that’s OK with God now then?

In any event, Rick Joyner put him straight back in the pulpit to fleece the flock.


So who is Todd Bentley?

You can read about him on Wikipedia. I could speculate wildly about his motivations, his public statements about visiting the third heaven and talking to Abraham and the Apostle Paul. I could wax lyrical about his angelic visitations and how he appears to worship the angels more than Jesus. But that would be speculation.

Lets just deal with facts shall we.

1) A proven serial adulterer. (Jessa was the second intern he had sex with in his marriage.)

2) A proven drunkard.

3) His mentors include Paul Cain and Bob Jones.

So, who are Paul Cain and Bob Jones?

Paul Cain was deeply involved in the latter rain heresy. He has continued to promote those teachings. They have been accepted by many mainstream pentecostal churches to a greater or lesser extent. However, it has become known that Paul is also a practicing homosexual who also has a drink problem.

Bob Jones was the seer in residence for the Kansas City Prophets. He got into some trouble with his church when they found out that he convinced many young women to come to his office for personal prophecy. In order to properly receive the prophecy, the young women had to remove all their clothes. He wasn’t thrown out of the church.

He was just told to keep his head down for a while.

Some mentors huh?

The deeper you look into this, the more troubling it gets. When you start looking into the theology of the latter rain, it starts to get alarming.

Instead of waiting for the return of Jesus to establish His kingdom, we have to do it first. Not only that, if any Christians try to hold to the Bible, they are the first to die. They are part of the old order.

The Kingdom will be established through force of arms. All the warfare imagery isn’t metaphorical. It is literal. The so called seven mountains are to be taken by military force if necessary.

It is Christian Fascism.


But Jesus said “my Kingdom is not of this world, otherwise my people would fight.”

I’ll follow Jesus. Not these false prophets.