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Rob Bell


It’s Time.

Having read some previews of Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins” this could well be a defining moment in my own Christian Experience.

Rob Bell is either loved or hated and with good reason. By appealing to younger Christians, he teaches a kind of liberal Christianity with an appeal to the “nice” aspects of God. Universal love and acceptance is the way to go and lets not condemn people for anything!

The Nooma videos have gone round the globe and indeed get shown in many churches, even during the main worship services.


I don’t like him, to be honest … so am I biased?

He comes across as quite arrogant and pleased with himself in those videos.


But what is his message.


Essentially, 2000 years of biblical preaching, teaching and understanding is totally wrong, according to Bell. It appears that he believes that everyone will eventually end up in Heaven. Some will find themselves in Hell for a short time, or longer time, but certainly not forever.


Love wins, see.



I shall have to get a copy of the book and do a critical analysis of what he is actually saying. However, it does look like he has completely abandoned the God of the Bible.

He is essentially saying “Did God really say … ?”

We all know who started that train of thought in the Garden of Eden.


The wider question, however, is why do we need Hero-Preachers in the first place?

Rob Bell has been called a Christian Rock-Star. This kind of idol should have no place in a protestant Christianity that effectively rejected one form of it when the reformation happened. Are we so lacking in confidence in our own walk with the Lord that we need an idol to look up to? Isn’t Jesus enough?



Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

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In 1904 there was the world famous Welsh Revival. 1000’s were saved, but all we are left with now are songs. But even the songs have gone out of fashion.

With 2 world wars more than decimating the church of manpower between 1914 and 1945, it is no wonder that churches became “lifeboat” churches … women and children first … but is it only because of this? The permissive 60’s didn’t exactly encourage church going either but it is something more. I believe that lazy bible teaching married to a complete disregard for the person and work of the Holy Spirit has led to a decline in relevance of and respect for the church and therefore God Himself.

In our day, we are faced with some very difficult choices. In an attempt to be relevant and credible, the church has compromised with society. Non-christian agendas dominate thinking to the extent that the word “fundamentalist” is a dirty word when applied to people of faith. Followers of Islam are considered to be terrorists who want to kill any non-muslim. Followers of Christ who are fundamentalist are clearly to be feared and hated as they are obviously extremist, homophobic, sexist, religious bigots.

The minute you tell someone you are a Christian, that is now the typical mental picture that someone forms of you.

Unfortunately, recent court cases relating to how Christians and the Gay community relate to one another has emphasised this kind of attitude in the minds of bystanders. Christians cannot now expect to obey their consciences if they run any kind of business that caters to the public directly. From B&B owners to relate councillors, Christians in the United Kingdom are being slowly pressurised to compromise or quit.

There comes a time, according to the Apostle Peter when you have to stand up to the civil authorities for what is right. In our church, we are discussing the operation of the Church in the book of Acts. I believe that focus is too narrow, and we should not only look at the very early Church in Jerusalem (which had stunningly quick growth) but also the early gentile Churches that Saint Paul established on his missionary journeys. He got himself into all sorts of trouble, but he kept his eyes on Jesus the whole way.

We are so used to retreating on all fronts and backing down rather than stand up for what is right that it is little wonder that the Church is in sharp decline. The trouble is, we like an easy life. We don’t want to cause trouble. We are comfortable. We are lazy. We are lukewarm.

Is anyone from the Church in Wales ready to stand up for God and say that Sin is still Sin and we all need to repent to Father God?