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Have the discernment brigade been wrong about Benny Hinn all along?

The man in a white suit who has crusades all over the world and has an estimated income into his ministry of between $100 Million and $200 Million every year has a large number of critics who spend large amounts of time online and have acres of printed text against him.

From unproven faith healings, the extravagant expenses through to the alleged affair with Paula White, were they all wrong about him?

Whichever Christian TV channel you watch, it is almost inevitable that somewhere in the schedules, you will find “This is Your Day” which televises Benny’s crusades while also interviewing other Christian celebs in the studio. They usually have a book or other product to plug too.

I was surprised to see Benny absolutely slam Todd Bentley last year on his TV show. Who’d have thought it?

So … were they all wrong about Benny?

Let’s be honest … he has a very large income every year into his ministry. No one takes in as much money as Benny from poor African Christians. šŸ˜¦