Distribution of Christianity

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In some parts of the world, we find that Christians are suffering for their faith. In others, we find that the Church is living very comfortably, but is declining in numbers. Many movements have begun to try and stem the tide, and even make it go in reverse.

From seeker sensitive, purpose-driven through the Hillsongs of this world all the way to extreme prophetic, many Christians have jumped on the various bandwagons that have trundled by with perhaps the best motives, but with very little thought. Indeed, thinking is often left up to Church Leadership. When it comes to church attendance, with the best will in the world, Leaders who depend on a church salary will be very keen on all the “church growth” strategies promoted by the sizable mega-church organisations from the United States.

Which type of church is the normal type of church we should aspire to be a part of?

  1. A persecuted Church.
  2. A mega-church.
  3. A comfortable, well-off, growing church.

What is most important to us when we choose a church fellowship? (for example when we move into a new town or city)

  1. Systematic Bible-teaching
  2. Hospitality/fellowship
  3. The practise of spiritual gifts such as healing/prophecy/tounges
  4. Evangelism
  5. Discipleship

Does it matter or is it all down to personal preference?